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Like a 'turbo' button for your business

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Automate your routine Delegate jobs automatically Tasks that keep themselves up to date

Automatic tasks, not manual chores

Automate your routine

Automatically schedule tasks like cleaning, check-in/check-out visits, maintenance and more.

Delegate jobs automatically

Assign tasks to the right people and Smartbnb will notify them by email or SMS.

Tasks that keep themselves up to date

Your tasks and notifications will auto-update depending on reservation status and arrival details.

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Keep everyone in the loop A place for everyone Make team communication effortless

Teamwork on autopilot

Keep everyone in the loop

Share access with teammates, or send iCal calendars to cleaners and co-hosts.

A place for everyone

Keep your team’s details handy, including availability, assigned properties and roles.

Make team communication effortless

Colleagues will get email or SMS alerts based on their assigned properties, roles and availability.

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Rather stay flexible? Assign tasks as they come in So many notification options Shortcodes work on team notifications, too!

You're always in control

Rather stay flexible? Assign tasks as they come in

Automation's great, but if you'd rather assign jobs manually we make that easy too!

So many notification options

Email or SMS. By property. By location. By role. In English or 28 other languages!

Shortcodes work on team notifications, too!

Insert your own personalized messages into notifications, just like you do for guests.

Plus these other Operations features

Flexible task rule categories

Not all tasks are the same, so you can choose from nine categories

Manual or automatic task assignment

Automatically delegate tasks to designated teammates, or do it yourself

Operations in real time

With the task calendar you can see a live countdown to all jobs

Delegate tasks by scope

Assign tasks to teammates by property, host, location, and more

Add shortcodes to notifications

Creating task notifications is a breeze with our handy messaging shortcuts

Copy yourself to task assignments

Give yourself a little reassurance that your tasks are being delegated

Keep track of everything

Log reports allow you to trace all automated messages and notifications

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“On an average we saved about 40-50 hours a week by using smartbnb, which is the cost of a FULL TIME EMPLOYEE. That's $2000+ a month that I get to keep and use to grow my business and pay the existing team members even more!”

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