Smart Tip: How to Integrate Your Smartbnb Account with PriceLabs

integrate pricelabs

By The Smartbnb Team

Getting your Airbnb and Vrbo pricing strategy right can be really tricky, some hosts use Airbnb’s Smart Pricing tool and others use any of the dynamic pricing alternatives like PriceLabs.

If you have a PriceLabs account, you can take advantage of our integration between Smartbnb and PriceLabs. All you have to do is integrate your Smartbnb account with PriceLabs.

Wondering why you should do it?

You’ll be able to use PriceLabs’s dynamic pricing on all properties seen on Smartbnb, including both Vrbo and Airbnb listings. Using dynamic pricing will increase your revenue. Moreover, you’ll save money because PriceLabs would only charge you for your Smartbnb properties and not for individual Airbnb and Vrbo listings.

Here is what will happen after you enable this integration.

  • PriceLabs will get the list of all your properties from Smartbnb.
  • Then you’ll be able to set this powerful tool to manage and optimize your Airbnb and Vrbo vacation rental rates.
  • When you are ready, PriceLabs will be suggesting and updating rates and minimum stays settings to your properties, using predictive analytics and machine learning.

You will get the updated prices through Smartbnb while paying less.

Are you ready to try this useful Smartbnb feature? Read this step-by-step guide and follow the instructions.

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