Guest Experience

Smartbnb takes care of guest communication even when you sleep


Perfect messages for a perfect Guest Experience

Craft your own rules

Your account comes with messaging best practices pre-loaded as templates. Personalize and adapt them to your hospitality style as you go.

Cover the entire guest experience

Smartbnb will send your messages at the exact moment when your guests need them — from inquiry to review and for everything in-between.

Customize even the finest details

Set special conditions, send messages for specific properties, set your own timing and event triggers, add pictures to your messages all in 29 different languages.

Augment your answers

Powered by artificial intelligence

Our machine learning models will detect and answer your guests’ most frequent questions. Let our AI send your guests the WiFi password for you automatically.

Better rankings = more bookings

Send replies within 30 seconds to improve rankings, or define your own ideal response time.

Smarter canned responses

Keep your own favorite messages, and let Smartbnb embed personalization points on the fly.


Get great reviews

Remind your guests to leave a review

Smartbnb will follow up with your guests until they leave a review for you.

Automate review publication

Save your review templates, and Smartbnb will randomize, customize and send them for you.

Control your reviews (even the bad ones)

Manage the content and stars of your reviews, and Smartbnb will send them at the best time.

Plus these other Guest Experience features

Fully native messaging

Messages sent and received naturally via Airbnb and HomeAway/vrbo.

Automatic pre-approvals

Switch the toggle and Smartbnb will pre-approve all inquiries for you.


Use short codes to complete your messages with dozens of guest and booking data points.

Custom codes

Create your own personalized message shortcuts and embed them in one click.

Pre-loaded templates

Your account comes ready with our recommended message flow.

Time zone awareness

Always send your messages at the right time for your guests.

“With Smartbnb, we were able to automate at least 90% of our guest communication, respond to bookings immediately and personalize reviews for each guest. We are so thankful for the time we’ve gotten back by using Smartbnb, it has allowed us to continue expanding our business.”

Macon James