Go beyond automation and
create magical moments at scale

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Prepare automated messages for every stage Define your own message rules and triggers Fine-tune your message automation

Design your perfect guest experience

Prepare automated messages for every stage

From first enquiry to check-out and everything in between.

Define your own message rules and triggers

Send pre-set messages for given properties, times, events - the possibilities are endless!

Fine-tune your message automation

Set special conditions, add pictures to your messages or translate in 28 languages

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Automatically detect and respond to common questions Respond within 30 seconds Save your favorite messages

Answer questions fast

Automatically detect and respond to common questions

Train our AI with your questions and answers, and it will respond for you

Respond within 30 seconds

Fast responses will help improve your AirBnB/HomeAway/VRBO rankings and SEO

Save your favorite messages

Keep handy message templates at the ready and embed custom details automatically

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Send review reminders Save review templates Review at the right time

Handle reviews professionally

Send review reminders

Reminders automatically stop when a review is received

Save review templates

Save your review templates, and we’ll randomize, customize and send them

Review at the right time

Choose when to send your review, up to three days after check-out

Plus these other Guest Experience features

Fully native messaging

All your messages will be sent and received naturally via AirBnB/HomeAway/VRBO

Automatic booking approvals

Set your criteria and smartbnb will approve bookings for you

Short codes

Personalize guest messages with dozens of guest and booking data points

Custom codes

Create and add your own messaging shortcuts easily

Pre-loaded templates

Your account comes loaded with our recommended message flow

Time zone awareness

Always send messages at the right time.

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“With Smartbnb, we were able to automate at least 90% of our guest communication, respond to bookings immediately and personalize reviews for each guest. We are so thankful for the time we’ve gotten back by using Smartbnb, it has allowed us to continue expanding our business.”

Macon James