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Smart tip: Automatically notify your cleaners about same-day turnover July 03, 2019

When you have back-to-back guests at your short-term rentals, it can be stressful to make sure your cleaners are at the ready at the right time. With smartbnb you can automatically notify your cleaners and avoid that stress altogether.

How does it work?

Easy. Just set up smartbnb to trigger a message to your cleaners every time there is a back-to-back booking in your properties’ calendar. Our system will look at your calendar, and, if we see back-to-back guests, we’ll send that specific message to your cleaning team.

You can trigger the message as part of your existing messages (for example, as part of your default cleaning reminder message) or just as a standalone message.

What if I’m on multiple booking sites?

No problem. As long as your calendar is up to date, the details will be updated across all booking sites.

How do I do it?

Open smartbnb and, under ‘Messaging’ select ‘Custom codes’. Create a custom code with the condition “the night after the planned check-in is not available” -- This tells us that there is someone checking-in in right after this guest checks-out.

Next, create the message you’d like to send to your cleaners. For example: “Heads up, a guest will be checking in later today at (your standard check-in time).”

Then, add that message to a cleaning reminder text message. This way your cleaner will receive a text message with the details for their cleaning including a note that there will be back-to-back guests at that property.

What’s in it for me?

Peace of mind! Now your cleaners will always know which cleanings take priority and ensure a smooth check-in for your next guest.


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