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Airbnb Messaging Shortcodes – Guest Personalization (the right way)

Never heard of a shortcode before?
Don’t worry, this article has got you covered.
Shortcodes are little snippets of code (unique to Smartbnb) that allow you to do some pretty nifty little things with your guest messaging on Airbnb.


Hosting Fatigue: Remedies and Prevention

When I started out, I felt honored that a group of strangers took a leap of faith in me by booking my home. I felt privileged to have the opportunity to host people in my home and get paid for it, on top!
Two years later, what a booking meant to me was more along the lines of: “Great, I put my heart and soul into my Airbnb business, just so that another group of unappreciative, entitled and spoiled guests can pull my guts out because my apartment doesn’t live up to their unrealistic expectations.
In short, I was experiencing a severe case of what is now commonly known as “Airbnb hosting fatigue” or an “Airbnb burnout.” And it’s totally normal.


How to Use Smartbnb for Revenue Management: An Interview with Jordan Locke

Right, Smartbnb was originally made as a communications tool, but the data visualizations are extremely intuitive. The data is digestible and allows anyone to review key metrics at a very high level and then quickly identify areas that might deserve more attention.


Seasonal Change Hacks for Improved Airbnb Occupancy

In the summer we want summery things. In winter we want wintery things.
Department stores have long been taking advantage of this fact as they change the entire look and feel of their stores to position themselves inline with their customers purchasing decisions.
We can learn a thing or two from these high street stores and implement them into the way we compose our Airbnb listings to further resonate with potential guests looking to book.


How to Communicate with Short Term Rental Guests

Communicating effectively with guests improves the guest experience. This leads to better ratings and reviews, which are crucial to be successful as a short term rental host.
Bear with us for an actionable portion of advice to master your communication skills with guests.

smartbnb layout

How We Engineered the New Smartbnb

Saying that engineering the new Smartbnb was intimidating would be an understatement. The original Smartbnb is loved by hosts all over the world, so threatening that stability is always a risk.
But, to improve the experience for our customers – as well as to ensure our ability to build the next generation of short-term rental management software – we had to bite the bullet and upgrade. All the things.


Designing the Next Generation of Property Management Systems

When I joined Smartbnb, I was quite thrilled. It’s not often one gets to work with a platform that’s so loved by its users.
From a technical point of view, the ultimate goal was to design a modular, consistent platform that can grow in time.

notify cleaners

Smart Tip: Automatically Notify Your Cleaners About Same-Day Turnover

When you have back-to-back guests at your short-term rentals, it can be stressful to make sure your cleaners are at the ready at the right time. With Smartbnb, you can automatically notify your cleaners and avoid that stress altogether.


Smart Tip: How to Automatically Upsell Late Check-outs and Extra Nights

One of the ways short-term rental owners make extra income is by upselling. A host in Miami recently shared with us that they make at least $100 per month extra with almost no effort.
A useful feature of Smartbnb that might not be immediately obvious is that you can automatically ask your guests if they’d like to stay an extra night, or you can offer them a late check-out for a fee.

new smartbnb

Why We Made the New Smartbnb

In the world of software, businesses can only make one fundamental mistake: you never, ever, ever rebuild the product and the code from scratch.

You are missing out!

Smartbnb helps you automate messaging, team and operations management, and run all your Airbnb and Vrbo properties from one convenient dashboard.

Best thing?

You can start totally free!

No credit card needed