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[New feature] Introducing: User Management November 19, 2019

We're delighted to announce the launch of our latest feature, and this one is one many of you have been looking forward to: User Management.

User Management has been carefully designed and built to give you maximum flexibility in involving your team and colleagues in the running of your listings.

How does it work?

We've made a handy video to show you in less than 2 minutes how the new User Management feature works.

To sum it up:

Learn more about User Management on our Help Center.

What can you use User Management for?

Here are some scenarios where User Management would come in handy:

Sharing your up to date calendar with your cleaning team:

One of the most popular feature requests we've been receiving over time has been sharing the calendar with the cleaning team. User Management lets you do just that!

You can add the members of your team as additional users with restricted access to just the calendar feature. In addition, you have the option to hide the financial data from the calendar so that only the most relevant information (number of guests and check-in/out times)will be visible for the added users.

Adding value to property owners:

If you manage properties for several different owners, you can now invite each owner and customize their access so its restricted to their own properties only, and no one else's.

You can let them see everything about their properties, or just the calendar, for example. In the future, you could also add 'Metrics' to their access and they'll be able to access the comprehensive analytics that will be on offer there.

Sharing your account with your co-host:

Many Smartbnb users have co-hosts who are helping them manage their listings. We typically would recommend connecting the primary host account only, since this allows a more reliable connection without incurring the risk of a complex setup.

If you have faced this problem before, User Management is here to help! You can now share your Smartbnb account with your team which means there is no more need for your co-host to have an independent Smartbnb account to manage your listing. They can manage the communication straight from your account with no need to connect their Airbnb account independently to Smartbnb.

Preventing mistakes on your account:

If part of your team helps you manage the Inbox, you could remove their access to Guest Experience, which will prevent them from accidentally editing or deleting any rules you've set up.

Start using User Management now.

Need help?

If you have any questions or comments, you can reach out to us at support@smartbnb.io, or via the chat box on the Smartbnb application.