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Booking launch

[New Feature] Integration with

We have great news for our hosts! We are thrilled to announce that we have added an integration to the list with Smartbnb’s new integration with

If you have an account with, the new integration will allow you to use Smartbnb’s automated messaging and channel management features for your listings.

Booking guidelines Host Guide for Beginners

Today, is one of the largest accommodation booking platforms, with more than 28 million listings in 226 countries and territories across the globe. Planning to become the part of this crowd? Our guide will get you started.

vacation rental tax rules

Vacation Rental Tax Rules: Tax Tips for STR Business in the US

With platforms like Airbnb, Vrbo, and many others, it’s easy to rent your property short-term. But while the extra income can be a real boost, you should be aware of the tax rules before you start making money.

airbnb scheduled messages

Smartbnb Guest Experience vs. Airbnb Scheduled Messages

Airbnb released the Scheduled message feature, available to professional hosts only at the moment of writing. This tool allows hosts to schedule messages to automatically send when guests take actions like booking, checking in, or checking out. Let’s compare it to Smarbnb Guest Experience functionality.

Property Mute feature

[New Feature] Muting Properties

Smartbnb is on a mission to help you be flexible and quick to react to changes. Prefer to select which of your accounts’ properties will benefit from automatic messaging and other Smartbnb features? Want to skip some of the properties? Now you can!


Smart Tip: The Host-Only Service Fee Does Not Apply to Airbnb Hosts Using Smartbnb Only

Airbnb announced that professional hosts who use third-party software to manage bookings outside North America are required to move to a new pricing structure. This change doesn’t affect hosts who use Smartbnb only to automate their operations and manage communication with guests.


Smart Tip: Receive Reservation Updates from Smartbnb Directly to Your Server

You can take advantage of a useful Smartbnb feature called Webhooks. It’s a way to receive reservation details from Smartbnb to your server automatically.

track flights

Smart Tip: Get Notified of your Guest’s Flight Delay

At Smartbnb, we want to make all your check-ins a little bit easier, so we automatically monitor the status of your guests’ flights if you provide us with the necessary information. We’ll track it and inform you about its status so that you understand what to expect.

sofa bed instructions

Smart Tip: How to Provide Your Guests with Instructions for a Sofa Bed When They Actually Need It

A sofa bed can be typically used when you host three or more guests. So, you may want to show these instructions only when they are interesting to your guests. And what if you have several different listings, and only some of them have a sofa bed?

integrate mailchimp

Smart Tip: Use Our Mailchimp Integration to Send Emails to Your Airbnb Guests

So what if you have a Mailchimp account and want to use this platform to send actual emails to your guests? No problem. Smartbnb integration with Mailchimp can be a simple solution.

automatic response

Smart Tip: How to Set Up Automatic Answers to Your Guests’ Questions

Our system uses artificial intelligence to scan guest messages and automatically detect questions that belong to specific categories. Smartbnb will send an automated response if an answer has been set-up for the question category.

integrate pricelabs

Smart Tip: How to Integrate Your Smartbnb Account with PriceLabs

If you have a PriceLabs account, you can take advantage of our integration between Smartbnb and PriceLabs. All you have to do is integrate your Smartbnb account with PriceLabs.

calendar availability

Smart Tip: Answer Early Check-In and Late Check-Out Requests Automatically, Depending on Calendar Availability

So if you can allow early check-in and late check-out lossless, why not make your Airbnb guests happy? This approach will help you get more 5-star reviews and maximize your income. Besides, you can automate everything if you take advantage of a useful Smartbnb feature.

booking confirmation

Smart tip: How to Adapt Your Booking Confirmation Depending on the Check-In Date

A useful Smartbnb feature can help you adapt the content of your booking confirmation message based on the check-in date. Using custom codes, you can create a booking confirmation rule and change the content of the message based on the number of days to the check-in.

smartbnb help center

Introducing The New Smartbnb Help Center

A new Smartbnb Help Center is now available to all our users. Here you can get answers to the most common questions and learn how to use Smartbnb effectively to deliver a great experience to your Airbnb guests.

Airbnb house manual

Airbnb House Manual: How to Create the Perfect Welcome Book for Guests

Providing your Airbnb guests with a house manual is one of the most important things you can do as a host. A good Airbnb house manual will make your life simple, improve the guest experience, and help you get a 5-star review.
In this article, you’ll find some tips on what exactly you should include in a house manual to welcome your guests to a new place.

airbnb pricing strategy

Airbnb Pricing Strategy: Getting Started

When starting your STR business you have to decide on pricing strategy. In the back of your mind, you realize this could have a huge impact on how much money you make. But where do you start?
Start right here! This blog post will lay out how to set up a great pricing strategy that will make you the most money you can and give you peace of mind that you’re doing perfectly.

airbnb rental agreement

Airbnb Rental Agreement: Pros and Cons

An Airbnb rental agreement is a legal contract between you and your guests, which sits outside of the Airbnb platform, giving you additional legal protection in any guest malpractice event.
But what should you put in the rental agreement? How do you send it to your guests? And what are the downsides?
Let’s find out, shall we!

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