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US Market projection

US Short-Term Rental Outlook: What to Expect in 2021 and Beyond?

May 2021 data show that short-term rentals recorded month-to-month increases in occupancy in many markets worldwide. So what does the future hold in store for the STR industry and short-term rental hosts? Read the post to find out!

Calendar update June 2021

[New Features] Calendar

The Smartbnb team is continuously working on improving our system to help you automate running your short-term rental business.
Recently, we have added several new features to the Calendar.

Guest Experience Update June 2021

[New Features] Guest Experience

Smartbnb has released some new features that were highly requested on our feedback portal. Now, we would like to share with you our updates in Guest Experience.

airbnb host tips

Airbnb Host Tips for a Simple Hosting Routine

Being an Airbnb host can be time-consuming and even overwhelming if you don’t know how to manage your business correctly. Here are some Airbnb host tips that can help make hosting easier.

start bed and breakfast

How to Start a Bed and Breakfast Business: Essential Steps

Owning and operating a bed and breakfast can be an excellent option to earn extra money, and under certain circumstances, it can be extremely profitable. In this article, we will guide you through the essential steps on starting and running a successful BNB.

vrbo cancellation policy

Vrbo Cancellation Policy: Short Guide for Hosts

Vrbo cancellation policy is a must-have for any host. It will allow you to provide your guests with the necessary information about their booking and be covered if your guests don’t show up. Explore the options and best practices in our guide.

direct bookigs

[New Feature] Manually Add Reservations to Smartbnb

The new feature allows you to add bookings from other channels to Smartbnb, including bookings made directly between you and the guest.
You can still take advantage of Smartbnb automation tools to message your guests, send notifications to your team, and get calendar updates.

vacation rental management

Vacation Rental Management: Everything You Need to Know

Property management is the oversight of a property by a third party on behalf of the property’s owner. Property managers are generally responsible for the day-to-day operations, from communication with guests to arranging for cleaning, repairs, and maintenance. Read the article to learn the details and fruitful alternatives.

airbnb complaints

Airbnb Complaints from Guests: How to Avoid Them

If you are planning to rent out your property on Airbnb, you should get ready to face Airbnb complaints from guests. Vacation rental issues happen even to the best hosts, but you shouldn’t forget that these problems, big or small, may quickly turn into bad reviews. Read the article to learn how to prevent those complaints.

RBOY integration

Smart Tip: Connect Your Smartbnb Account to RBOY APPS Rental Lock Automater (RLA)

If you find creating unique smart lock codes for each guest tedious, you can easily automate this task. Just connect your Smartbnb account to RBOY APPS Rental Lock Automater (RLA).

Booking launch

[New Feature] Integration with

We have great news for our hosts! We are thrilled to announce that we have added an integration to the list with Smartbnb’s new integration with

If you have an account with, the new integration will allow you to use Smartbnb’s automated messaging and channel management features for your listings.

Booking guidelines Host Guide for Beginners

Today, is one of the largest accommodation booking platforms, with more than 28 million listings in 226 countries and territories across the globe. Planning to become the part of this crowd? Our guide will get you started.

vacation rental tax rules

Vacation Rental Tax Rules: Tax Tips for STR Business in the US

With platforms like Airbnb, Vrbo, and many others, it’s easy to rent your property short-term. But while the extra income can be a real boost, you should be aware of the tax rules before you start making money.

airbnb scheduled messages

Smartbnb Guest Experience vs. Airbnb Scheduled Messages

Airbnb released the Scheduled message feature, available to professional hosts only at the moment of writing. This tool allows hosts to schedule messages to automatically send when guests take actions like booking, checking in, or checking out. Let’s compare it to Smarbnb Guest Experience functionality.

Property Mute feature

[New Feature] Muting Properties

Smartbnb is on a mission to help you be flexible and quick to react to changes. Prefer to select which of your accounts’ properties will benefit from automatic messaging and other Smartbnb features? Want to skip some of the properties? Now you can!


Smart Tip: The Host-Only Service Fee Does Not Apply to Airbnb Hosts Using Smartbnb Only

Airbnb announced that professional hosts who use third-party software to manage bookings outside North America are required to move to a new pricing structure. This change doesn’t affect hosts who use Smartbnb only to automate their operations and manage communication with guests.


Smart Tip: Receive Reservation Updates from Smartbnb Directly to Your Server

You can take advantage of a useful Smartbnb feature called Webhooks. It’s a way to receive reservation details from Smartbnb to your server automatically.

track flights

Smart Tip: Get Notified of your Guest’s Flight Delay

At Smartbnb, we want to make all your check-ins a little bit easier, so we automatically monitor the status of your guests’ flights if you provide us with the necessary information. We’ll track it and inform you about its status so that you understand what to expect.

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