Automate 90% of your communication instantly.
Stay in full control.

Smartbnb automates Airbnb and Vrbo guest communications but lets you stay in control of what and when you send. 

Join owners and managers of 220,000+ properties in 140+ countries who save time, get more bookings,
and deliver a superb guest experience with Smartbnb.

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Smartbnb boosts your short-term rental business

Smart Messaging Automation


Your account comes with messaging best practices pre-loaded as templates. Personalize and adapt them to your hospitality style as you go.

Set special conditions, timing, event triggers, send messages for specific properties

Smartbnb will send your messages at the exact moment when your guests need them — from inquiry to review and for everything in-between.


Automated team and operations management

smartbnb operations task rules

Smartbnb will help you automatically schedule tasks like cleaning, check-in/check-out visits, maintenance, and more.

Use rules to delegate tasks to the right people and Smartbnb will notify them by email or text/SMS every time there’s a new job coming up.

Invite your teammates to the Task Calendar or send iCal calendars for cleaners and co-hosts to add to their usual accounts.

Manage Airbnb and Vrbo together


You manage all messages in one place. Your guests receive them directly in the channel.

End multi-channel confusion: sync your listings on Airbnb and HomeAway/Vrbo.

All reservations on one page. Reservations from both platforms are displayed side by side.

Automate your short-term rental business!

No credit card needed