Smartbnb Affiliate Program

About Smartbnb

Smartbnb automates the communication with short-term rental guests from the first inquiry to the final review while you stay in control. Hosts on Airbnb and Vrbo can leverage our machine learning algorithms to answer their guests’ most frequent questions. Up to 90% of the communication with guests can be handled directly by smartbnb.

Smartbnb can also automate operations team tasking and sync availability calendars across Airbnb and Vrbo.

Smartbnb helps property owners and managers run more than 220,000 properties in more than 140 countries around the world.

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About the affiliate program

After joining our affiliate program, you will be having access to a specific link that when shared to your friends (or on social media) associate visitors to your affiliate account. When those visitors create an account with us, then go on to become customers, we pay you back 25% for the first 3 months of their subscription. The average payout per new paying user to date is $25.

Here are some of the terms:

Visits will be tracked for 3 months on your affiliate link, and leads referred to Smartbnb will be associated with your affiliate account only if you are the first source.

Affiliates will be rewarded with 25% of the invoice amount of the accounts they refer to us and become customers. Commissions are limited to the first 3 months of the referred account signing up.

Payments can be made after receiving a compliant invoice, after the commissions due reach a threshold of €100. You can read more about our company’s invoicing requirements. Credits do not expire. We also impose a delay of 3 months before commissions are due to limit the chances of fraud.

Qualification criteria

To qualify to participate in our affiliate program, please be:

  • An active Airbnb or Vrbo host OR
  • A social media influencer writing on the topics related to short-term rental business OR
  • Owner of a product, related to STR business, not being a direct competitor to Smartbnb OR
  • Owner of a media writing about STR business

We expect you to promote Smartbnb in the following ways:

  • Direct recommendations to short-term rental hosts you know personally.
  • Mentioning us in relevant discussions about short-term rental business on the platforms that allow affiliate links. The comments should be bespoke, addressing the precise question of the topic starter.
  • Mentioning us within recommended service providers on your website or blog related to short-term rentals.
  • Mentioning us in blog articles on your short-term rental related website.

Participating in the program, you confirm that you will not:

  • Use our link or mention our brand name in any paid traffic campaigns. 
  • Post the same spammy type of comments on discussion platforms.
  • Start topics on discussion platforms that sound promotional, mentioning our brand name in the thread’s first message.

Materials we may provide

  • Logo files
  • A bespoke blog post on the topic related to Smartbnb features: automation in STR business

Getting started

Please fill in the form and allow us one week to get back to you after reviewing your submission.