Grow your
short-term rental business

Smartbnb is the solution where you can finally run your guest communications and operations at scale

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Never settle between great guest experience and scale.

Never settle between great guest experience and scale.

When you run short-term rentals, you want to make your guests happy without losing your sanity. We created smartbnb so you don't have to choose between growing and giving a great experience on the fly: You can do both.

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Streamline and automate your rental operations

Streamline and automate your rental operations

Messaging automation is only the start: We designed Smartbnb to be your reliable business companion. It will help you automate repetitive jobs on your own terms, and reduce friction with guests and teammates.

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Availability and pricing in perfect harmony

Availability and pricing in perfect harmony

Don’t just grow your business: Grow your channels, without sacrificing the ease-of-use you’re used to by working on a single channel. Manage all your properties across the world’s leading short term rental platforms with Smartbnb.

Loved by superhosts around the world

Helped me to grow our business

Smartbnb enabled me to take on 2 more properties and grow our business. I know I would not have been able to do this without them.

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Ms Carol Cadman

A really great automation platform!

This is a really great platform, helping automate routine tasks on the STR platforms. It is easy to ‘set it and forget it’.

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Excellent service

Ideal for property managers. It saves a lot of time and adds accuracy. Very intuitive and well built.

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Alex Braun

Very, very reliable

Very, very reliable. Also, the message templating system is very powerful. Going beyond just standard fill-in-the-blank systems, it allows conditional inclusion of text.

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Matthew Haines

Easy to use

It was easier to set up than I thought it would be and guests love it - gives a personal touch. It has saved me many many hours of work!

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James Smith

The tool you have been missing on Airbnb!

We manage our house in quite a different time zone. So it was essential to find a solution to send messages while we are sleeping. By including this software in our management system it has opened new opportunities.

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Elias Engelking

Why did we wait so long?

We finally made the leap to smartbnb and will never turn back. We love the integration of HomeAway and Airbnb and the calendars are closed out perfectly now. This will save us hours of time and many headaches.

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Stingray Villa

Revolutionised our business

Smartbnb has revolutionised our business, saving us hours of time sending individual messages to our guests.

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ShortStay Property Management

Will thoroughly enhance - and not just automate - your Airbnb business

In a relatively short time, I have not only automated but also much enhanced my workflow processes from what they used to be in Airbnb.

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Bassam Bukhowa

I fired my STR property manager and hired Smartbnb!

My five-star rating is based on the quiet power of the tool and the appreciation for A-to-Z thinking about what a best-in-class tool would do for a property owner.

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Andrea Swartout Whitson Cole

Five-star management program

Smartbnb has given us the tools to manage our property while spending more time doing the things we love with friends and family.

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Matt Scott

Saves a ton of time and easy to set up!

I love not having to manually send check in and out messages so feel this have been well worth it.

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Linda Hayes